2019 Autumn Release (wave 2) – Business Central

What’s new in the Autumn Release of Business Central?

The raft of updates available for Business Central cover all aspects from, service fundamentals and developer tools through to online migrations and application enhancements. Here we take a quick look at the ‘Application Enhancements’ and ‘Modern Client’ aspects, where we feel the most end-user value will be felt.


Application Enhancements

  • Cancel issued reminders and finance charge memosReminders and finance charge memos are usually created in batches—for example, at the end of the month—to remind your customers of due or overdue invoices. If incorrect information is detected in this busy period, you must be able to quickly correct such errors by cancelling issued reminders or finance charge memos.
  • Carry line descriptions to general ledger entries when postingFrom the General Ledger Setup page, you can choose the Source Description Posting Setup action to define for sales, purchase, and service documents whether the line description text is carried to the resulting item ledger entries depending on the line type. Note that when you select to copy source line descriptions to the resulting entries, such G/L entries will also be grouped per document line.
  • Use the Copy document function even when some lines are blockedWhen using the Copy document function to create new documents based on existing documents, you are now notified if any items or resources on the source document lines are blocked. The blocked document lines are excluded from the new document. The notification shows an overview of all document lines that are blocked in the source document.

For more information on these an other application enhancements click here


Modern clients

Microsoft have accelerate their investment in speed and productivity features for the modern browser experience, achieving a major milestone in its transformation into a world-class desktop experience for new and expert users alike. Here are our top 4 picks:


  • Add links to your navigation menu – You can add internal notes to business data that is captured and processed in Business Central online. Notes are shown next to the card data, and you can add, edit, and delete notes. You can also insert hyperlinks to online content to card pages, opening up even more advanced scenarios.
  • Enhancements to Excel integration – When the user selects the Edit in Excel action from a list page, most filters set on the list page are applied to the list when it is exported to Excel. This also enables publishing changes back into Business Central from a filtered list of records in Excel. Additionally, the number of fields available for reading and publishing edits from Excel is expanded. This includes being able to view and edit fields that are added to pages through extensions.
  • Personalise actions and navigation on your Role Centre – Business Central is ready to adapt to the unique needs of each business, department, and user. Desktop users are fully empowered to optimise their work-space to support their daily tasks and the most common data that they work with.
  • Saving and personalising list values – As the business grows, so does table data in the database, making quick analysis or finding records more challenging without the right tools. Defining the perfect set of filters can be a time-consuming, iterative process where the ability to persist filters will save having to recreate them the next time they are needed. Users will be able to save their list filters and similar personalisation’s to create different ways of slicing their data.


For more information on all the other Business Central enhancements in Release Wave 2 click here


Note: Currently, at the time of posting, we’re in the ‘Early Access‘ stage where those who are registered can test and validate these new feature before they’re enabled automatically. Also as part of this readiness program Microsoft has released, on it’s product updates page, overview videos and other guidelines, to help solution administrators acclimatise themselves for the upcoming enhancements.


Any queries?

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