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Why do I Need an Office 365 Account?

As Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications are hosted in the cloud. When you setup an Office 365 account, you are creating an online office space in the cloud to run your applications. Just like you need to have an office or home office to store your staff and your equipment, you need online space in the cloud to store your business applications.

Why are They Asking Me to Sign up for a Trial of Office 365 Business Premium?

Getting an Office 365 account involves getting a 30 day free trial of Office 365 Business Premium. Don’t worry – you don’t have to use it and you won’t have to pay to keep it after the trial ends! You are simply setting yourself up an Office 365 account so you can access Dynamics 365.

How do I Find out Whether I Already Have Office 365 or Not?

You can visit and try to sign in with your work email and password. If you can sign in and see your office applications you have Office 365! If at any point you’re unsure, it may be worth speaking to your IT team or giving us a call. We’re more than happy to help.

All of a sudden it was like, BOOM – all of this information is all in the open, transparent, things were getting done because everyone had a new kind of awareness.

IT Development Manager, Trek

Our focus in moving to the cloud was to allow our team to access our data anywhere. It’s is revolutionising our relationship with our customers and it’s empowering us with information on hand to answer questions anytime, anywhere.

VP of Engineering and Operation, Hagler